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Showroom Hours by Appointment

Product Overview

The Leslie Studio 12 is the smallest-ever dual-rotor Leslie intended for general applications. It is the same size and weight as the popular G37 Guitar Leslie with which it shares a common cabinet. Keyboard players have asked for an ultra-portable Leslie that had a true Leslie Horn and Rotor, and Hammond has delivered their wish.

With a tube preamp driving a 100 watt solid state power amp, the Studio 12 is at home on the Rock and Roll stage and Jazz club alike. Its 1/4″ input allows any instrument to connect, and a standard footswitch handles fast and slow speeds. Leslie’s exclusive “Gas Pedal”, which allows custom Leslie speeds and expressive swells may be fitted to the Studio 12.

Single-Channel Input: Features 2 inputs one for low gain for keyboards and high gain for guitar.

Two-Speed Horn & Bass Rotor: Slow/fast speeds can be individually adjusted. Horn and bass rotor will stop, when stop mode is selected. If you intend to “mic” the Studio 12, we recommend, mic-ing it from the front of the cabinet for optimum coverage. (The controls are on the “back” of the cabinet.)

Amplifier: Vacuum tube preamp with a 100-Watt solid-state power amplifier.

Speaker: Bass speaker is 12″ Eminence speaker matched to the bass chamber. Horn driver is the same driver designed and used in all Leslie speakers for keyboards.

Control Inputs: Channel Select foot switch, speed select foot switch (slow, fast, stop) or speed control adapter cables 11-pin or 8-pin. Variable speed control pedal input for optional (V-20RT).

Controls: Clean Volume, Ch Select, Overdrive: Gain, Volume, Contour Equalizer: Treble, Mid, Bass Slow rotor speed;fast rotor speed, power switch.

Cabinet: Rugged-built, black painted cabinet with protective corners and two folding handles.

Power Supply: 120V AC, 60Hz

Dimensions: 20 1/2″(W) x 20 1/2″(D) x 26 3/4″(H)

Weight: 85 lbs

Included Accessories: FS-10TL speed control

Optional Accessories
- FS-1TL single foot switch used to remotely control channel select.
- V-20RT Speed Control Pedal
- Adapter cable 11-pin to 1/4″ or 8-pin to 1/4″