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Hammond and Leslie Repairs & Service

Professional Hammond Organ, Leslie and Keyboard Repairs

The Chicago Organ Company offers professional service, repairs and restoration for new and used Hammond organs. We have nearly 3 decades of experience in the service and repair industry for Hammond organs.

Experience in Repairs

"Having a father was a former employee for the Hammond Organ company, I literally took my first steps next to a B3 in my fathers shop. With this I started the age of 5 years old, unbolting parts off of organs and from there grew into a product line right in my bedroom. Beginning in 1996 I began full on organ repairs for nearly every type of Hammond and Leslie made. In my bedroom of only about 70 square feet, I built 1000's of amplifiers for Leslie's and from there started my shop of a 10,000 square foot Hammond and Leslie haven." - Paul Tchoryk

That being said, the Chicago Company can assure the absolute best value for your repairs. We repaired and restored what was thought to be impossible. Many of our repairs have literally brought tears of joy to our clients. The most common organs that we service include the Hammond B3, Hammond C3, Hammond A100, Hammond B2, Hammond C2, Hammond A105, Hammond RT3, Hammond D152, Hammond BV, Hammond CV as well as the most popular Leslie's, including: the Leslie 122, Leslie 147, Leslie 145, Leslie 142, Leslie 22H, Leslie 21H, Leslie 251, Leslie 222, Leslie 247, Leslie 760, Leslie 770, Leslie 45 and so on.


Our repair center has access to our inventory of nearly 10,000 square feet of Hammond and Leslie parts. New, used and vintage. At the heart of The Chicago Organ Company M&S Parts which is known its quality, dependability, craftsmanship. All M&S Parts are hand built in the USA, right here in Chicago.

Authorized Service Center

If you are in need of warranty repair work, as an authorized repair center we can offer quick service and have most parts on hand or have quick access to them. Contact us for a quote.

Get in touch with us, we look forward to helping you!

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