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Showroom Hours by Appointment

Product Overview

In its traditional Red Walnut Cabinet, The Leslie 3300W features incredible electronics and audio components. The 3300W is smaller in size than a traditional Leslie speaker, and as such is recommended for Studios and applications where space is at a premium. The 3300W’s diminished size does not compromise the robust and powerful Leslie tone emanating from its 300 watt amplifier, 15” woofer and traditional Leslie rotating horn.

Single-Channel Input
- Two-speed horn and bass rotor
- Slow and fast speeds, rise and fall times, and brake time can be adjusted

- Vacuum tube preamp with ear-shattering 300-Watt RMS solid-state amplifier
- 220 Watt RMS bass amplifier
- 80-Watt RMS treble amplifier

- Massive 15” woofer, High power horn driver

- 11-pin and 8-pin Leslie connector
- 1/4” line input jack
- 1/4” foot switch jack

- 1/4” line output jack suitable to drive a powered sub-woofer

- Master volume
- Bass
- Mid-Range
- Treble
- Horn Level
- Sub-Woofer Level

- Red Walnut

- 25″(W) x 20 1/2″(D) x 35 1/4″(H)

- 125 lbs