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Showroom Hours by Appointment
Showroom Hours by Appointment

Product Overview

This is a brand new replacement amplifier for a Leslie 147 that includes a brand new pair of reissue Tung Sol 6550s and 12AU7s with an NOS 0C3. 

- We had the chassis made to our demanding specifications and wrapped it in a solid powder coated finish. 
- The transformers are made to our specifications here in the USA. 
- Ceramic sockets with gold plated pins, a build quality second to none, and the use of orange drop capacitors demonstrate our commitment to quality. 
- Each amplifier is meticulously hand built and tested. 
- There is a 1 year guarantee on the amplifier and a 90 day guarantee on the tubes.

It is manufactured by M&S Organ Parts Inc. using only the highest quality components. Our shop is located only miles away from the historic birth place of the Hammond organ in Chicago, IL. We have built well over 3000 of these units and rebuilt at least another 2500!