Hammond Vintage (1959) B-3 Custom Organ and Leslie Type 122 Rotary Speaker - Semi Gloss White (Bundle)

BRAND: Hammond
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Product Description

Here we have a beautiful 1959 Hammond Custom B3 Organ with a 1971 Leslie 122 rotary speaker.

Hammond Custom B3 Organ (1959) S/N-79135
- 1971 Tone Generator - makes the organ brighter and more crisp along with a higher output.
- Original finish stripped to wood and refinished with 7 coats of Semi-Gloss White Lacquer
- Fully rebuilt PreAmp
- Upstop and Downstop felts are all replaced
- Preset assembly fully rebuilt
- Buss Rods cleaned and lubricated
- Tone Generator fully cleaned and lubricated
- All Brass buffed
- All brown metal parts painted white to match organ
- New Start and Run switch with Plate

Leslie 122 (1971) was Fully Restored with the following details.
- Professionally refinished to match the organ
- Motor stacks fully disassembled and rebuilt
- New Idler arm assembly and drum bearings.
- Rebuilt Crossover network
- Reconed Jensen P15LL
- Compression/Treble Driver has been upgraded with a higher output Atlas PD60 driver to enhance the percussion.
- Brand New M&S Organ Parts amplifier.

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