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Trek II

The Chicago Organ Company is an authorized dealer of Trek II products. As a repair center, we currently stock many of the great Trek II parts and accessories on hand at all times. 

Due to our dealer agreement with Trek II and their current shopping policies, we are not selling Trek II products directly on our website. Please however, feel free to contact us about our selection, pricing and availability. 

Below is a dealer statement from Trek II

To all Trek II Dealers,
Our company has always taken pride in providing the highest quality products as well as the highest level of support to our dealers and the end users of our products.

However, over the past few years an accumulating number of changes has forced us to reassess our current business practices and policies.

After careful review, we have determined that in order to insure our ability to continue providing the same level of product quality and customer service, we will need to make a significant change to the way we sell and market our products.

Beginning on February 15, 2018 Trek II will no longer sell to any dealers within the US that market or list individual Trek II products on the internet.

1. This dealer policy statement supersedes any previous written or oral dealer agreement or policy statement.
2. Trek II dealers based within the United States may not market or list specific Trek II products on any website.
3. Trek II dealers, of course, may still use and sell Trek II products in their routine servicing operations.
4. All previous permissions to utilize images and product descriptions copyrighted by Trek II products are hereby terminated.
5. Trek II dealers based within the United States that currently sell or list individual Trek II items on their website can continue to purchase products only after all website listed Trek II products have been removed.
6. General website statements by Trek II dealers such as "we carry Trek II products" are acceptable.
7. Trek II dealers may not sell, offer to sell, distribute, advertise, or market Trek II products via any internet "auction" or "bidding" sites.
8. Disregarding this policy or any attempt to circumvent this policy will result in immediate termination of dealer status. 

Additional notes: Trek II has had a long standing policy of not selling to suppliers of competing products. The above policy statement does nothing to alter this. While dealers are, of course, free to develop and sell any products they choose, Trek II reserves the right to terminate sales to companies supplying items deemed to be competing products.

Trek II Products